My Story

Hi I’m Annerie

My love for flowers started when I was very young.  I remember how I made little arrangements from our garden flowers and gave it to our next door neighbour, which in return gave me some lollies. In later years I was always told off by my dad for picking his flowers in the garden and placing it in my room.  He liked it outside and I liked arranging them.  My love for flowers and gardening just grew through the years.  I have grown everything under the sun – now in Perth, I only have a small garden but enjoy everything nature has to offer. 

I grew up in South Africa and immigrated with my family to Australia in 2006.  I am an energetic wife and mum of three beautiful children.

I always had a passion for art and creating beautiful items from painting, baking, cake decorating, even dressmaking, but I’m on my happiest when I’m working with flowers or playing with my two Chihuahuas.

To be chosen to work on weddings is much more than just a floral assignment, it is the opportunity to create a piece of art, something that tells a story, something that capture the uniqueness of the bride and their special day.  It is really hard work, but there is nothing more rewarding than a truly satisfied and happy bride.  Together with my small team I hope to bring many more smiles to Perth and surrounding areas.